International Masterclass for Piano "Klangperspektiven"

25th February to 1st March 2020

In February/March 2020 the society "Klangperspektiven Allgäu e.V." presents the third edition of the International Masterclass for Piano "Klangperspektiven Allgäu". 


The masterclass will be held by Roland Krüger, professor at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. Professor Krüger is a highly sought-after professor and prestigious pianist. The experienced pedagogue welcomes pianists from all over the world for one week of intensive work perfecting their musical and technical skills. The lessons will take place on the noble premises of the "Sing- und Musikschule Memmingen" which is a former cloister ("Kreuzherrnkloster").


For selected participants, there is the special opportunity to perform at one of two solo recitals to present themselves to the regional audience. As a highlight, all participants are invited to perform at the final concert at the beautiful hall "Kreuzherrnsaal" in Memmingen on the last day of the masterclass. Furthermore, all the lessons are public, allowing a singular insight into the top-class artistic work of Professor Krüger with the piano talents. 


There is no age limit.

There are special rules for participants under 18: The society “Klangperspektiven Allgäu e.V.” does not provide any special supervision of underaged participants. It is up to the legal guardian to decide whether the underaged participant has the required maturity to participate in the masterclass without supervision. If it is deemed necessary, the legal guardian must provide a supervisor for the underaged participant.

Time Frame

25th February  to 1st March 2020


Closing Date for Applications

20th January 2020


Course Location

Lessons take place at the music school "Sing- und Musikschule Memmingen", Hallhof 5, 87700 Memmingen, Germany


Memmingen is a charming small city and the old town, with its many courtyards, castles and aristocratic history, is one of the best preserved in Southern Germany. Due to its proximity to the Allgäu region, Memmingen is often called the Gateway to the Allgäu ("Tor zum Allgäu"). The picturesque environment and the idyllic landscape create a calm and inspiring atmosphere - ideal for creative musical work.


Course Details

Applicants can register as active participants or auditors. Those who wish to audit the course can listen to all masterclasses. Active participation comprises three teaching units at 60 minutes. Studio classes will take place most evenings. Selected participants are allowed to perform at one of the two public solo recitals and/or at the final concert. 


“Mindfulness in stillness and movement - Acquiring a more conscious experience of your body” – a workshop with Valentine Buttard

In addition to the piano course, you have the possibility to sign up for a workshop with Valentine Buttard : “Mindfulness in stillness and movement - Acquiring a more conscious experience of your body”. Attending the workshop is optional, but we strongly recommend that students take advantage of this free offer to enrich their musical experience. 


Mindfulness means to be fully present, conscious and open-minded in the moment and to bring all your attention to the experiences and perceptions of this moment. The practice of mindfulness can help us to be calmer, to find strength in stillness, to come into contact with our body and our emotions, to develop a better way of dealing with stress, fear and difficult situations, to support and maintain our health, to let our inner resources open up and to experience life more fully, directly and consciously.

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The society "Klangperspektiven Allgäu e.V." will make the effort to accommodate participants in the homes of host families. If hosts are not available, there is the opportunity to stay at a nearby, low-priced hostel.


Practise Space

For the duration of the course, practise rooms (with upright pianos and grand pianos) are available at the "Sing- und Musikschule Memmingen". 


Attendance Fee

The fee for active participation for professional pianists and piano students is: 350,00 € (includes the application fee)

The fee for auditors is: 150,00 € (includes masterclass and “piano special” audits, and admission to all concerts)


The fee must be transferred no later than two weeks after receiving the letter of acceptance. The attendance fee can only be refunded when the cancellation is made before February 1st. Otherwise, the society "Klangperspektiven Allgäu e.V." reserves its right to refuse the refund of the attendance fee.